Does he love You or your Body?

Does he love You or your Body?

What are men really interested in? It may surprise you!

MAY 30, 2016
Does he love You or your Body?

Women are taught at a young age to make themselves seem desirable in order to attract a man. Most are taught that their appearance should be desirable, but is your body all that we’re really interested in?

The answer to that doesn’t lie with us men only, but you have a greater role in this than you think.

What you offer to him is what he’ll love.

There’s a saying, a woman’s behaviour depends on how you treat her. Well, for men, our behaviour depends on what we experience. What we receive from you, the ‘experience’ of both your mind and body is what keeps us motivated.

We’re always interested in what’s under the hood.
We don’t love a sporty car only because it looks good, we love it because we know it will give us the thrill and speed we want (along with the street credit). Replace that car’s engine with a less than thrilling one and we soon lose interest in it, despite its great body. Purely because it doesn’t live up to expectations.

That’s why we can love a really old Cortina car that has turbo powered engine in it. We can jump in that old body, drive it like a LaFerrari, with a grin on our face, and be proud to be seen in it! Simply because it surpasses our expectations and blows our minds away!

We’re interested in the entire package.
If you constantly offer only your body, that’s what he’ll want. If you constantly offer your mind (in a good way), that’s what he’ll desire. If you want him to love your personality, it’s the entire package he has to want, both mind and body. That is what you should offer him, not only one aspect and expect him to love the other.

You may believe it’s your body he’s after, and though we are ‘wired that way’, as males, we really respond to what you want us to focus on. So when he’s only interested in one thing, maybe you need to check what it is you’re offering him.



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