I am Kimberly Farrah Singh

I am Kimberly Farrah Singh

Former Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2015

MAY 09, 2016
I am Kimberly Farrah Singh
I am Kimberly Farrah Singh
I am Kimberly Farrah Singh
I am Kimberly Farrah Singh
I am Kimberly Farrah Singh
I am Kimberly Farrah Singh
I am Kimberly Farrah Singh

Kimberly Farrah Singh may have represented Trinidad & Tobago, in China, at the Miss World 2015 pageant, which many would automatically believe they now belong in a “certain crowd”, need to behave a “certain way” and associate with a certain class of people.

Not for Kimberly however. She’s still your regular trini at heart from the scenic (which she claims), rural area of Tabaquite who’s fond of peleau, curry, and other roti dishes. Her belief is that food brings people together, which is why she loves cooking for herself and others.

At first one mistakes her for a quiet person, which she’s aware of, but the reality of it is, once she warms up to you, it’s getting her to stay quiet is the trick. A very happy and a very optimistic personality, there isn’t much that will keep Kimberly down it seems.

Kimberly has always ‘liked’ makeup, but isn’t a lover of it. She usually doesn’t wear it on a regular basis and claims she has her hair in a ‘bun’ most of the time.

Early Age
As if her title as Miss World Trinidad and Tobago wasn’t enough, Kimberly began publicly singing from the age of three, and has continued performing for her church choir ever since. She gave us a beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace”, which left us speechless.

When her father passed away at the tender age of three, her mother was left with the responsibility of raising two young girls, by herself. Through those trials, Kimberly has found strength in her Mom, who she says is a strong believer of justice and inspires her to believe in herself.

These conditions helped Kimberly face the difficulties she experienced for the Miss World pageant earlier this year.

The Miss World Pageant journey
The “Beauty with a Purpose” ethos captivated her and she gravitated towards the pageant because it was what she believed in: Every woman is beautiful and purposeful. Her intention in entering the Miss World pageant was to make a difference in her country and by extension the world.

On her journey towards the Miss World pageant, Kimberly learnt a great deal about herself through the struggles she faced. “Taking the good out of the bad”, not focusing the struggles, rather focusing on the fact it has made her a better person, “enlightening her in so many ways”. She describes the experience in China as though the entire world came to meet her.

Beauty isn’t skin deep
Kimberly acknowledges that young women have self-esteem issues, which she believes society plays a great part in. She wants to be an advocate for younger girls, to let them know they can be beautiful without the makeup and beautifying of the exterior body.

Women are taken advantage of, because they are seen as weaker, these are some of the views Kimberly expresses. Women are equal to men, strong just like a man and can make a change in today’s society, says this Paralegal student aspiring to become an Attorney at Law.

Educating young women about themselves and certain aspects of becoming a woman is very important to Kimberly. Which is why some young women find themselves in situations where a ‘child is raising a child’, violence and such.

“I’ve learnt it’s always good to give of yourself” Kimberly expresses. Although not wealthy she believes she’s a resourceful person, which enables her to help others and make a difference in society.

Female Inspiration(s)
Other than her mother, Kimberly admired Princess Diana, because she persevered through her struggles, went against the norms of a ‘princess’ and loved people. Some of her personal favorite singers are Kelly Clarkson, Aretha Franklin, Amy Grant and also various gospel singers.

Step out of your comfort zone, be scared, have fear about doing things, spread your wings and fly, as she puts it, the sky is the limit. Principles she has lived by and expressed through her life experiences.

What’s next
Kimberly is the youth ambassador for “Yes She Can” project which promotes health and wellness for women. She is also going to be the face of an upcoming local brand. “I’m gonna make my mark on trinidad and tobago” kimberly declares with a smile on her face, leaving us excited to see what’s to come.