Single at 30?

MAY 11, 2016
Single at 30?

Don’t panic. I am sure at times it might feel you are the only one in your workplace to not be happily married with 2 to 3 offspring. It’s a hard pill to swallow if you had that vision for yourself especially before hitting the big 3-0.

Everyone’s experience will differ but I am sure the consensus of one reason you are single is, simply because you keep it real with yourself. Experience is golden when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. Most people can tell almost immediately if the person they met has true potential or not.

Those who get rejected will call it being “picky”, but when you know what you are not looking for, by default you eventually will figure out what you are indeed looking for in a companion.

It might not be the most pleasant at times to hear negativity from family and friends; even if it is in a joking form of “When you go get married?” Having the conviction of knowing who you are and also what you want from a future soul mate is one of the truest and most honorable things you can do for yourself.




Lisa Jaggat
Humanitarian, financier and spiritual enthusiast. Humbled by life, author Lisa Jaggat hails from Central, Trinidad. Sincerity towards all who crosses her path; genuine love for animals, and a strong sense of family, are simple things she treasures in life.