Crystal Quartz Bracelet


  • Useful in harmonizing and balancing
  • Helps to focus the mind
  • Aids in concentration
  • Enhance mental abilities
  • Enhances energy and thoughts
  • Purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical
  • Symbolizes purity
  • Promotes awareness
  • Stimulates brain and immune system
  • Enhances relaxation


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Crystal Quartz is a versatile stone as it can amplify the energy of other crystals and as such refereed to as the “Master Crystal”. This gemstone is a powerful amplifier of energy which helps to raise the vibration of a person or a room to create harmony.  Crystal Quartz can bring a body into balance, it can filter distractions, clears negative energy, attracts love and amplifies abundance.

Mystical Birthstone for April

This particular bracelet is made on an elastic stretchy cord making the bracelet easy to take on and off.

Considering the stones come from natural crystals the beads can vary in shape, color, pattern and size. Your item may vary from the picture shown.




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